Saturday, September 27, 2003
my personal hell

Circle I Limbo

George Bush
Circle II Whirling in a Dark & Stormy Wind

Bill Clinton
Circle III Mud, Rain, Cold, Hail & Snow

Parents who bring squalling brats to R-rated movies
Circle IV Rolling Weights

Qusay Hussein, Osama bin Laden
Circle V Stuck in Mud, Mangled

River Styx

Saddam Hussein
Circle VI Buried for Eternity

River Phlegyas

Militant Vegans
Circle VII Burning Sands

Uday Hussein
Circle IIX Immersed in Excrement

Circle IX Frozen in Ice

Design your own hell

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Wednesday, September 24, 2003
techno...is cool

i'm thinkin of switching to livejournal.. but i need a code.  and i htink enda has a livejournal so i can just ask her for one.  [[yu would do that for me right enda??]]  soo.. i dont like this blog thingymcbobber.. its stupid. actually, i just think its really ugly..its gottta change.

yeah. def. switchin to livejournal.

and this was just an entry to waste time.. there is no real meaning to it so just ignore me and stop readiinng.

ok the real meaning to this entry is that i like this kid thats a junior but i dont really talk to him cause im scared cuz he is soo freakin hott and he's in the band and he plays the tenor sax and i only really talked to him once.. but the good thing is .. he knows i exist !! we made eye contact today i was flippin out !! he is soooooooooooooooooooo fuckin hott. i dont kno what to do with myself.. i wanna get with him so bad but like thats ever gonna happen. >> just ask me online for his name and i'll tell ya .. i dont feel like typin it.  ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh he is almost as hot as the kid jamie likes!! no i mean he IS hotter than the kid.. sorry jamis. and the guy i like is funny and nice and really tall dark and handsome and i cant stand it but im afraid to talk to him ;[  im afraid he'll like look at me all weird or think im really ugly or stupid ... or not his type .. i dont wanna think about that =|..
i need to stop typing before i get uber upset here.

<333 later

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rosemarrrrry's page

this is rosemary's page.


heyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy rosemary

like your page?

so do i.

i worked really hard on it.

oh? you can tell?

thanks. but no, i don't think bunions are cool.. your the only one that thinks that.

yeah rosemary.. i know you lovvvvve this page.

and its all for you =)

ahhhh i gotta jet kiddo.

catch ya lata

evol ;

claudia             <33

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Thursday, September 18, 2003
its been awhile

i havent updated in a realllly long time and im really sorry. ive been uber busy these past two weeks with drill team and meetings and homework and shit so ill try to sum up everything for ya'll.  heh

last weekend was good. friday after school i picked up my sis at college and me, my mom and dad and laura went to new york to see beauty and the beast on broadway.  it was pretty good  but the movie still rocked tho.  then saturday i went to get my new glasses in the morning and when i came home, ate lunch, did something, and then after dinner i went to the ghetto burlington mall and saw that everything was for black people. seriously if yur white, dont ever go there unless yur into the wigger thing. there was one GAP. that was it.  and i saw a transvestite there too. pretty scary stuff. and sunday i picked up sam to go the the september fest and she ankled hvisdock when we were on the tire swing.  hahahhhahhahah good times good times.

my week was boring except today because of the "state of emergency" by governor mcgreevey. that dude needs to stop smokin the weefer and serioulsy make a good decision for once in his life.  its not even RAINING outside.  so i had drill team practice until four even tho everything else was cancelled. damn mrs. bloise. and then when i got home my mom was yellin at me bcuz she didnt kno where i was after school ended and she was really pissed and i couldnt see why cuz i called home and levft a message sayin that i was gonna be home at four.  and i got a ride home and she was still mad.  so my mom is a pysho and i've stopped listening to what she says now.

so that was my day but no one has probably noticed i havent been online in like two weeks and nobody probably cares . i'm just gonna go now. later



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Tuesday, September 02, 2003
my heart is red


Hee! You are Jack's "You have to find
yourself a girl, mate ... you're not a eunuch,
are you?" speech. You're quite a bit sex-
crazed, and you assume that everyone else is as
horny as you are. Get it on as soon as
possible so that you can join the rest of us on
Planet Earth ... I'm sure you'll have a good
time doing so.

Which one of Captain Jack Sparrow's bizarre sayings from Pirates of the Caribbean are you?
brought to you by Quizilla


I <3 the 80s


"When Doves Cry" (by Prince)
How could you just leave me standing,
Alone in a world so cold?
Maybe you're just too demanding.
Maybe I'm just like my father--too bold.
Maybe you're just like my mother.
She's never satisfied.
Why do we scream at each other?
This is what it sounds like,
When doves cry.

Which 80's Song Fits You? brought to you by Quizilla

Your: Wondering eyes

Your: Wondering eyes. Your not quite focused and
your quite the day dreamer. Your a bit odd and
as many say "Your head is in the

What type of eyes do you have?
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The Lost Soul

The Lost Soul

What sign of the Black Zodiac are you?
brought to you by Quizilla

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i wont forget =]





dont forget me and i wont forget yu ! ;*


good luck babe ;]

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Wednesday, August 27, 2003

today was orientation .. it was ok . first off i would like to say that i was sexually assaulted today and i did not appreciate it. and i would also like to add the notion that i missed RACHAEL ; ROSEMARY ; LAUREN ; TARA ; + KIM very much today .. stienert will be a different place without them =[

first we went in the auditorium so yeah whateva. after that we went to homeroom and i hung with lauren jess and dana !! dana is sooooo nice i havent seen her in a bajillion years.  after that we played that fcukin retarded hulahoop game . mhmm.. yu heard right ..hulahoopin in ninth grade ! seems they want us to be more immature then we already are. back to homeroom blahhhh boring .. i was very loud in home room . then we went to lunch .. sat with christine , jessie babice, mare , lyz, sarah , nicole, erin [ whose hair is now a reddish brown color and i like it a lot] , some other girl , sharon , and unfortunetly dickweed [aaron] .. lunch was fun it was all about trying to get ride of aaron who was unspeakable filfth in my eyes. and in everyone elses too .. how the hell did this kid get into ninth grade ??
after lunch i think we went back to homeroom or auditorium or the gym i cant really remember anyway it doesnt matter . all that matters was that i dont officially kno my way around the school yet but it was def. cool to see everyone i havent seen over the summer .. and sorry i didnt see yu tom ! i kno yu will understand =]

then i went home and uhh did nothing since i am not allowed to go anywhere and stuff so now im online.

yeah. thats my    great             day.

stay safe kiddo .

( claaudia )

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Monday, August 25, 2003
stole it from rai who stole it from erin <33

Current mood: bored outta my mind

Current music: the who from tommy - pinball wizard [ still stuck in my head ]

Current taste: my mouth ?

Current hair: up and ugly

Current clothes: my comfy polyester pants and tank ; socks and sandals babyyyy

Current annoyance: my hair ..

Current smell: my musty basement

Current thing I ought to be doing: not sitting on my ass

Current windows open: iM from donna, sarah, nicole and kimmy <3

Current desktop picture: a place where i wanna be

Current favorite band: the who

Most listened to: the who, something corporate, the used, the beautiful mistake, incubus, etc.

Current book: jane eyre by Charlotte Bronte

Current cds in stereo: i dont rightly know

Current crush: uhh the guy next door ?

Current favorite celeb: christopher ashton kutcher

Current hate: a certain person and me not gettin a cell phone anytime soon

Current job: pffh i wish

Last book you read: i dont rightly know

Last movie you saw: pirates of the carribean [[ drool : johhny depp ]]

Last thing you had to drink: slim fast

Last time you showered: this morning

Last thing you ate: cream cheese filled pretzel

Last person you talked to on the phone: jenn

Last person you saw: szweck

Smoke?: no

Do drugs?: unfortunetly no

Have sex?: i wish

Have a dream that keeps coming back?: i dont remember dreams

Play an instrument?: violin

Believe there is life on other planets?: yes [[avid fan of x-files here]] 

Remember your first love?: unfortunetly

Read the newspaper?: im claudia !! who reads the newspaper?

Have any gay or lesbian friends? yea .. well used to

Believe in miracles?: yes i wish one would happen to me

Believe it's possible to remain faithful forever?: yes

Consider yourself tolerant of others?: yes

Like the taste of alcohol?: hella

Have a favorite candy?: skittles

Believe in astrology?: err ..

Believe in magic?: err ..

Believe in god?: weird experience there

Have any pets: yes .. the thingies in the GT room [[remember sam?]]

Do well in school? sometimes

Go to or plan to go to college: nope .. plan to go to hollywood and fxck ashton kutcher and slap that demi bitch

Wear hats?: almost never

Have any piercings?: yeah .. one on each ear lobe .. but not for long hehe

Have tattoos?: not yet =]

Hate yourself?: sometimes

Have an obsession?: music , rosemary haha , music [did i say that already?]

Have a secret crush?: if its secret, why should i tell yu?

Collect anything?: nope

Have a best friend? more than one

Close friends?: quite a few

Wish on stars?: my wishes dont come true

Like your handwriting?: no i hate it

Care about looks? whose?

First crush: heh tom ryan in sixth grade =] not anymore tho !

Single or attached?: i dont rightly know

Ever been in love?: i dont know what love is

Do you believe in love at first sight? yes

Do you believe in "the one?": yes

Describe your ideal significant other: someone who loves me for who i am; respects me, comforts me, pleases me, claims me as his equal, and claims me for his own

Wuss: uhhm .. not usually haha

Druggy: nahh

Daydreamer: chhaa!! all the time dude [whoa i said dude]

Freak: i could be to chris

Dork: i could be to donna =]

Bitch/Asshole: i could be to my parents

Brat: not usually O=]

Sarcastic: ohhh yeah

Goody-goody: no

Devil: hmmm satan ?

Shy: not usually

Talkative: yes

Adventuous: if there was an adventure to be had ..

Joker: practical

whoo that was fun now im out .. later

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uhh. ..

i am not good with these blogs cuz yet again i have to type all of this over again .. or maybe i shouldnt click a link to another page while im in the process of typing .. yeah WHATEVA.

anywho .. i havent posted in a reaealy long time .. S0RRY. i really dont think anyone cares about my life so i dont know why i am posting .. but i have nothing else to do today.. i probably wont do anything today  .. or ill probably call rachael up .. so here goes ..

friday was the last day of band camp! enda and i decided it sucked and it should have taken place during the winter season. we got these nasty uber ugly yellow t-shirts it was too big for me so i gave it away to the vietnam veterans today to be a good citizen and yada yada yada. i dont think the kid that gets it will kno what the fuck tommy is or who the hell steinert marching unit is but HEY more publicity for us !! one for the team !! . so anyway after that i went home took a shower and went to jens and played some coolboarders and then went to nicoles party .it was cool .. i saw jules and jessi babice. talked to them for a bit .. nicole had this great game that was kinda like the dancing game at the boardwalk .. i must get that game !! then after her party i went back to jens and watched sweet home alabama .. then i went home and to sleep. the next day saturday i went shopping and then i went to kristins party.. i played manhunt annnd i was captain ! her party was fine .. nothing happened really except for the bottom of my lip getting burnt .. now i got a blister on it .. i wont tell yu how tho yu'll just have to ask me about it. so then i went home and fell asleep.. and then sunday i went to the beach with the fam .. it was ok .. its always nice to work on the tan. the water was crystal clear !! omg i could see the fishies and my feet  ! it was great =] then i went home and slept.

and today is monday and i dont kno if i will do anything today.. i am so bored. =| somebody save me from the boredom
i cant stand it .. i have to do somethin today especially this is the last week of summer vacation !! ive tried to get together with people but they are all doin somethin so gimme a call .
ok enough begging .. im sick of typing.  laterrrr

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Wednesday, August 20, 2003


mitch clem is back !! everybody should read this comic and if not .. HMM YOU SUCK .. go
here to read him.

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creation imperfect
do you defy this?
could you and your swollen ego fit into my master plan for failure?
i take the shame to heart and lock it away in a place thats sees not the light of day
i will use it when i see your face again
[your head in your hands and this is my cue,
if three words could heal you i would only speak two,
your eyelids grow heavy and this is my cue,
if three words could heal you i'd only speak two]
how could you think after all you put me through
and all you put on my shoulders that i would answer your cries for help?
[how could you think after all you put me through
and all you put on my shoulders that i would answer your cry for help?]
unleash the rage built up [in my throat]
show how you hurt me and hopefully you see
you have the power to destroy my will to live

* From Autumn to Ashes --- Cherry Kiss

Don't even take a breath
The air is cut with cyanide
In honor of the New Year

The press gives us case to celebrate:
These air raid sirens
Flood barbed wire skylines
By artificial night,
As we sleep to burn the red
From our bloodless lives.
Tonight we're all time bombs
on fault lines.

Have we lost everything now?
We're walking
like each other's ghosts
Around these silent streets
(the sedatives tell you everything
is alright)

Like calendars dying
at New Year's Eve parties
As we kiss hard on the lips
and swear this year
will be better then the last
Jet Black - the ink that spells your name
Jet Black - The blood that's in your veins
We say, "How long can we take this chance not to celebrate?"

There's music playing
But we dance to the beat
Of our own black hearts
And draw diagrams
Of suicide on each other's wrists
Then trace them with razorblades

Fire to flames
"Strike Match."

Burn these words from our lips
As 'The Daggar' screams
"Love is dead"
and it's a "newspaper tragedy,"

Have we lost what we love?
Have we said everything?
Does it change anything?
Stare at the clock
Avoid at all costs,
This emptiness.

Ten seconds left
until midnight
nine chances to drown ourselves
in black hair dye
eight faces turned away
from the shock:
seven windows and six of them
were locked
five stories falling
forever and ever
three cheers to the mirror
now there are two of us
can we have one last dance?
How long can we take this chance not to celebrate life?

* Thursday --- JetBlackNew Year

Is this what you call tact?
I swear you're as subtle as a brick in the small of my back
so let's end this call,
and end this conversation
there's nothing worse...
[[ that's right he said, that's right he said it ]]
I swear, you have no idea
The jealousy that became me thinking
[[ that's right he said ]]
that you always had it way too easy

Best friend thinks I pulled the trigger
Best friend thinks you get what you deserve ..

* Taking Back Sunday --- There`s No ' I "In Team

Crack my head open on your kitchen floor
To prove to you that I have brains
Meanwhile tin men are led by little girls
Down golden roads that lead to nowhere

Fine time to fake a seizure
Feel your mouth on mine, you're saving me

Whatever happened to that silly dream you had?
I want to make it real
I'd love to rub your back
Like a plane crash that never hits the ground
I fall in love with you
I'm nose over tail for you
Your voice like the sound of sirens to a house on fire
You're saving me

set me free so i can crush this world into tiny pieces of ash ...



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